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Creators, Inventors and Innovators

Preserve and secure your original concept before it becomes an Invention.

Create your virtual office to securely embed your invention or innovation descriptions (encrypted, dated and timed to the hour and minute). By following the Club’s protocol, you will globally establish the proof of anteriority on your creations.

Guided by our specialized Members, embed your creation in a literary and/or artistic work by fashioning your volume of the state-of-the-art Intellectual Passport CB Omnibus.

You now wish to file a patent application. As part of its services, the Club will refer you to Patent Agents or Intellectual Property Attorneys, who have officially adhered to its security regulations.

Consultants, Agents, and Distributors

High Volume World Market Potential

Educational Training via Seminars

Consultants can create a network of Affiliated Agents to expand their territorial activities, without national boundaries

Smiling Colleague

Investors, Funders and Marketing Specialists

Extraordinary Business Opportunities

Access to the USD World Bank of Innovations

A Secure, Documented and Reliable Environment for Investors

Patent Agents, Lawyers and Accountants are welcome to the Club

Accessible Funding to Members

Lawyers, Accountants, Business Consultants and Patent Agents should become Consultant Members

Guide Inventors with limited resources to enable their Intellectual Property to be extended to the world, without fearing unfair competition and industrial espionage

When members wish to file a patent application, the Club will refer you, Patent Agents or Intellectual Property Attorneys, who have officially adhered to its security regulations, to them

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