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Flawless Integrity

Each membership is screened using the highest standards to ensure that the CLUB always acts in the best interest of its members. It is under the Club’s code of ethics that all Members collaborate, in compliance with national and international laws, to achieve the technical, industrial and commercial development of their innovations and innovative services.

Trusted & Secure

A secure online environment backed by true professionals who will assist and guide Members through the process of using cost-efficient USD System instruments that have decades of documented expertise and a proven track record.

A Recipe for Success

For too long, patented (or not) inventors have faced abandoning their invention for lack of funds to either legally defend them or bring them to fruition. In the current patent system, the protection of an invention is proportional to its holder’s financial means. Opportunely, a new era has emerged: Democratizing Access to Intellectual Property. By becoming author of their original concept (patentable or not), Inventors now have access to a world property on their creations for the duration of their life and at least half a century after.

Marble Surface

Salvatore Di Palma

Doctor of Political Science
Former Director of the Division of the International Registrations of the W.I.P.O.

"From the XVIth century, the emergence of Intellectual Property has been closely linked to the birth of mercantilist capitalism initially, followed by industrial capitalism, the foundation of the current Intellectual Property standards. These XIXth century standards have proven to be unsuited to the requirements of today’s new cognitive capitalism. Intellectual Property is at an impasse, highlighted by the General Director of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), Francis Gurry, during a conference on “The challenges of Intellectual Property in the Financial World” held in 2010 at the Sciences Po de Paris Law School. An increasing number of financial and regulatory players suggest a modernization of Intellectual Property Law by proposing to replace the “one-fits-all” system applied uniformly across all the sectors of the economy by alternate systems to that of the traditional.

Advocate of this theory and a pioneer of an evolving principle leaning toward the creation of new protection systems pertaining to the procedure of filing patents for the past several decades, Michel Dubois is a fervent believer that Intellectual Property needs a lift to continue assuming its function, indeed, its modernization is a necessary fact that responds to a new financial environment. To that end, he created the Intellectual Passport CB Omnibus Volume, designed for inventors, SMEs and large corporations. This innovation “procures the only existing natural property to the author of an invention: ownership of a literary and/or artistic work, called Work of the Mind”. The international movement that he has been steering for a long time with his team has borne the “World Inventors Club” that hones its efforts on regrouping and gathering within its association any physical person or company interested in a planetary liberalization of the access to Intellectual Property.



USD CLUB International offers 3 types of memberships:


Creator, Inventor and/or Innovator

You have conceived an original concept, described an invention, patented an invention and/or are preparing to launch

innovative products or services

Accredited Consultant, Agent or Distributor

You want to learn how to help creators, inventors and innovators secure their creations, as well as assist in the commercialization of their venture around the world and generate income

Investor, Entrepreneur, Funder or Marketer Membership

You are a business owner or entrepreneur seeking novelties and/or

a start-up specialist, venture capitalist, fund manager or

Private Investor searching for business opportunities

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