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High Volume World Market Potential

Annually, there are over eight million industrializable creations and original services in the world, representing ~ solely in intellectual property ~ a potential market in excess of two hundred billion US dollars. On the international economic front, it means thousands of billions of US dollars.

Educational Training via Seminars

After choosing their specialty, Active Members will follow an internship aimed at developing a proficiency in their respective roles that will be held in the form of seminars. In addition to an in-depth training, these are designed to motivate members, thus fostering a harmonious teamwork within the Club.

Consultants can create a network of Affiliated Agents to expand their territorial activities, without national boundaries

The original strategy for the development of innovations that our Consultants recommend reduces unfair competition and industrial espionage, as well as dissuading turncoats.

Consultants and their Affiliated Agents are completely independent. They can work globally. They are specifically trained to handle the highly confidential Conventional Identification and Valuation Dossier (C.I.V.D.) so that each Member ~ creator, inventor and innovator ~ can fashion his unpublished volume of the Intellectual Passport CB Omnibus.

Distributors, who supply Consultants with contractual products and services, oversee an exclusive national or international territory. As such, they carry an Editor’s status and supervise the Consulting Firms or Individual Consultants that (regularly or occasionally) operate on their specific territory. This original organization, comprising exclusive supervisors and non-exclusive representatives, limits each member’s liability to his field of expertise. This unique system introduces a WIN/WIN solution for Consultants, Agents and Distributors.

* Please refer to Legal Corner

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