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Intellectual Passport CB or IND


The Intellectual Passport (CB or IND) Omnibus Volume

One Standard Volume is the only instrument of Intellectual Property which, upon its creation, provides for $25,000:

  • A universal property

  • Secrecy of the concept

  • An original multidisciplinary financial forecast consortium

  • A portfolio of international contracts


Each Standard Intellectual Passport Omnibus Volume is composed of three parts:


Part One:

  • The author’s biography

  • A description of the invention or concept

  • Intellectual Property Foundational Laws

  • Alternative strategies against copyright plagiarism


Part Two: (no extra cost)

  • Market Assessment

  • Marketing Strategy

  • Three-year Financial Forecast for each collaborator in the innovation


Part Three: (no extra cost)

  • A portfolio of international contracts adapted to the business  strategy included in Part Two

  • Certificate of Guarantee


The volume is a legal means of securing Intellectual Property. Indeed, anyone has the right to write and (if he so wishes) publish a book, as long as its content does not offend law and order.

It provides the inventor or originator with three essential proofs:

  1.   The identity of the author of an original concept (invention, service, etc.)

  2.   The property of the author’s creation (without property, no theft…)

  3. The author’s intention to commercialize the product/service (for material damages assessment in court or out-of-court settlements)


Original recourse against copiers: Unlike patent infringement lawsuits (or other titles), the burden of proof, in case of copyright infringement, lies not on the victim but on the plagiarist. Indeed, a difference that procures the inventor (author) with novel, faster and efficient strategies, if not far less onerous.

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