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Extraordinary Business Opportunities

A vast array of vanguard investment opportunities is continuously proposed through the USD World Bank of Innovations within the heart of the Club. The eclectic products presented cover every professional category, from the local business to the multinational, the basic technique to high technology, alternative medicine to the most advanced scientific research, etc., whatever phase of their project’s progress and development. The Club’s regulations yield optimal conditions for the success of any venture between Investors and Creators.

Access to the USD World Bank of Innovations

Each Member of the Investors’ Circle is given direct access to projects seeking a partnership and/or financing from his dashboard account. Using a search function, tracking and monitoring inventions through a secure and private network is easily achieved, providing an option to select one or more of these projects. This access offers both formulas and an infrastructure enabling optimally secure conditions for each party.

A Secure, Documented and Reliable Environment for Investors

Using the original Business Forecast (ICBF), an integral part of his volume (IPCB), the Creator, freed from common worries and suspicions, can trustingly develop reliable partnerships with investors and/or enterprise leaders. Original template agreements and contracts adapted to most business scenarios were designed to negotiate in a transparent, equitable and fair climate that foster dependable practices for any length of time. USD CLUB International ensures that all parties understand the nature of this dynamic eco-system, abiding rigorous ethics monitored by the Club’s Ethics Committee.

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